CA datasheet, CA pdf, CA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Harris Semiconductor, 2MHz, operational transconductance amplifier (OTA). The CA and CAA types are Gatable-Gain Blocks which utilize the unique operational-transconductance-amplifier. (OTA) concept described in. CA Operational Transconductance Amplifier. The CA and CAA types are Gatable-Gain Blocks which utilize the unique.

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I am trying to recall if there is ca3080 datasheet Phillips part that emulates the ‘, but I can’t think of the number. Pond at May 20, The is also capable of functionally replacing any of the ca3080 datasheet OTA models, ignoring the obvious pin-compatibility issues.

I don’t blame Intersil. The is clearly the most advanced and flexible. It’s been thirty years, man; surely we can make some ca3080 datasheet.

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The is invaluable in electronic music work. James Gideon at November 9, Knowing full-well that ca3080 datasheet less thanwould not interest them, I didn’t pursue my case.

Concerned electronic music folks could make “lifetime ca3080 datasheet and do fine. Or would Intersil consider introducing an improved 21st century version of the the CA, made in a modern fab?

Don’s Blog: Last of the OTA’s

I think that the ANP was originally ca3080 datasheet for television sets, which needed volume to be remote-controlled. We need to insure we have enough product remaining to support the life time buys that are now incoming. I am going to try to build it, and see if it ca3080 datasheet For audio applications, the SSM works well.

In summary, I think it would be a big win to keep the CA in production, for all the standard business reasons, but also because the chip is culturally and educationally important, and it would give Intersil a great datasheey. NTE seems the best hope. Intersil ca3080 datasheet some wideband single ended input to differential output options using the ISL Active Balun Evaluation Platform.

(PDF) CA3080 Datasheet download

Ca3080 datasheet the preferred chip for voltage controlled oscillators, ca3080 datasheet controlled filters, voltage controlled amplifiers, waveform shaping, modulation, signal processing, routing and datasheer, chaos circuits, simulation of mechanical systems, and so forth.

Are you looking for Product Change Notifications?

Or datazheet yet, an even higher quality OTA! Don Tillman at November 10, I almost went ca3080 datasheet using the CA, but had problems with its ca3080 datasheet, Harris, who was a “competitor” cca3080 the broadcast industry at the time.

Sign in Welcome Name Your Profile. We have problem to buy CAM See their cross reference: NTE must know that Intersil ran out of CAs, though, because the price has gone up about three-fold since I bought them.

Don Tillman at July 16, Learn how the ISL instrumentation amplifier is capable of being configured in high ca3080 datasheet shunt current sense amplifier. Ok, enough ranting and raving. Today the wafer stock has been depleted to the point ca3080 datasheet have to withdraw the product.

They’re shooting themselves in the foot! And I’m sure the Datssheet hasn’t been their top seller. This time I had to use an LM and a resistor current circut to make the inversion for the compressor. Precision Analog Products 2.

Note that In desperate ca3080 datasheet situations, some of the LM’s pins can be wired into a ‘ PCB pattern and provide identical results. The US is the largest ca3080 datasheet of industrial controls – which use lots ca3080 datasheet linear ICs.

No recommended replacement is available. NJR wanted to know my annual usage of the ‘ There datasyeet been a lot of fearmongering from the electronic ca3080 datasheet crowd for a long time about electronic music parts going out of production.

CA Datasheet(PDF) – Rochester Electronics

If the demand for the NTE persists, maybe NTE will have enough influence to get an off-shore manufacturer to produce them ca3080 datasheet. I will pass on your concerns but please understand, these CA family of products were developed by RCA on a very old and obsolete fab process that is long since been discontinued ca3080 datasheet the fab plant was shut down and sold off.

I have had a problem with this chip for almost 11 years. Thanks for passing ca3080 datasheet comments on. Neil Schubert at February 23, Usually it’s just a case of some guys who are naturally kind’a jumpy. So, we reluctantly must withdraw these CA parts as our stock is depleted and in good faith, notify our customer base in time for last time buys.