TWTD Series — Full Size NEMA Pushbuttons. TWTD Series : Heavy duty switches built to last. Key features: • Variety of button sizes up to 2. Matches 1 – 20 of IDEC Illuminated Pushbuttons in stock at Galco! Huge IDEC Illuminated Pushbuttons Inventory – Same Day Shipping – Expert Technical. 14 Aug The contact block design reduces the depth behind the panel. Metal bezels are available for pushbuttons, illuminated pushbuttons, selector.

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TWTD 30mm Series 2. Catalg Selection Guide 2. Complete Timer Catalog 2. SA1E Sales Brochure 1. All Product Brochure K. Complete Door Interlock Switches Catalog 7. Complete Automation Software Catalog K.

Switches & Pilot Devices – IDEC

Miniature models use snap action gold plated contacts for superior low level switching, whereas idec push button catalog models use idec push button catalog, double break contacts for switching heavier loads, up to 10A. XA Series IDEC’s innovative “safe break action” ensures all NC contacts open if the contact block is separated from the operator Pushlock turn reset and push-pull functions built into same unit Direct opening action mechanism IEC, 5.

Complete Signaling Lights Catalog 2. HW 22mm Series 5. Complete Power Supply Catalog idfc.

As-Interface Safety at Work. A8 Series Choice of round, square or rectangular bezels 8mm round mounting hole Gold-clad silver snap action contacts for reliable low-level switching LED illumination.

Complete Enabling Switches Catalog 1. GT5 Series Timers K. A8 Miniature 8mm Series K. TWND Series Complete line of non-illuminated and illuminated vutton Heavy-duty 30mm industrial switches for harsh environments Diecast zinc mounting threads IP 20 finger-safe contact block. A6 16mm Series 1. Switch Selection Guide K.

Complete PLC Catalog 3. Use of, hutton copying from, this site is subject to our terms conditions. Lumifa Selection Guide K.

Circuit Breakers Selection Guide K. TWTD Series Rugged design includes chrome plated steel locking ring and die-cast zinc threaded idec push button catalog Super bright LED or incandescent illumination Modular construction for maximum flexibility up to 6 contacts per switch.

From miniature pilot lights and industrial switches that mount into 8mm panel cut outs through full size industrial switches that mount into 30mm cutouts, we have an industrial switch or indicator for almost any application.

LW Silhouette Series 3. Enabling Switches Selection Guide K. XN Series Idec push button catalog in plastic bezel, metallic padlock, flush bezel Only L6 16mm Series K. Power Supply Selection Guide K. FB Series Three compact sizes mm: Complete Contactors Catalog 1MB.

Many models offer the flexibility of modular construction, which allows you to change contacts, lamp voltages or button colors easily.

LW 22mm Series Idec push button catalog. Operator Interface Selection Guide 91K. Power Supply Brochure K. SE4D Type 4 Hand. AP6 Series 16mm round mounting hole Miniature pilot lights Super bright LEDs Built-in current-limiting resistor and reverse polarity protection diode Dome or flat lenses.

OpenNet Controller datasheets – K. X6 Series Smooth button resists dirt buildup, and provides attractive appearance Only L6 Series Oversize heads. This site is using Javascript. AP Series Miniature pilot lights 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 16mm round panel cutouts Super bright LEDs Built-in current-limiting resistor and reverse idec push button catalog protection diode Dome or flat lenses.

Terminal Blocks Selection Guide 60K. Complete Terminal Blocks Catalog 2. Timer Selection Guide K. Safety Products brochure K.

Signaling Lights Selection Guide K. TW 22mm Series 2. Timing Diagrams Overview K. GT3 Series Timers 1. Complete Automation and Sensor Catalog 2. Automation Organizer Software Suite K.

Safety Controller Catalog 5. TW Series Corrosion resistant octagonal chrome plated locking bezel Snap on 10A contacts Modular contruction for maximum flexibility.

Complete Safety Overview 1MB.