Mende Nazer (born c. ) is a UK-resident, Sudanese author and human rights activist. Nazer was a slave in Sudan and in London for eight years. She later co-wrote the book Slave: My True Story. “Thousands of other child-slaves have suffered a similar fate. Normally, Mende’s story never would have come to light. But seven years after she was seized and. 27 Apr Mende Nazer lost her childhood at age twelve, when she was sold into slavery. It all began one horrific night in , when Arab raiders swept.

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Every page of the book is alive with Mende’s simple and vibrant way of tell I had trouble putting this book down when at first I started. This book was really good. But here the thing it give you context for what would come latter on. I am close to Nazer’s age and thus her narration had a personal greater impact.

Luckily and through sheer will of mu and the b of two people she managed to escape. It’s just slave my true story by mende nazer right. She tells of her years in slavery, her flight after seven years, and her attainment of asylum in Britain.

Mende Nazer

Feb 04, TJ rated it it was amazing. But most definitely wirth the read! She s,ave a vivid description of her community and her life as an adored and coddled child of a loving family.

I enjoyed the tales of her carefree child hood and they made me smile. They deserved to live in peace and find justice.

Slave : my true story (Book, ) []

Overall, this book was beautifully written. In Septembershe made a dramatic break for freedom. For these reasons it has been decided to recognise her as a refugee and grant her Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Anzer. Nazer later wrote that she should have been given the opportunity to clarify the story’s inaccuracies and point out the truths it contained.

Some features of WorldCat will not slavve available. Mende’s story – from a peaceful childhood surrounded by family and friends, to being torn slave my true story by mende nazer and forced to live the life of a slave, someone who barely deserves a name according to her “master”it’s all so hard to believe that this is what is happening in these modern times!

Her book, Slave is the story of her abduction and ‘imprisonment’ in slavery- a story which is almost beyond belief. Slave my true story by mende nazer Nazer, snatched from her tribal village in Africa as myy young girl, survives slavery in Sudan and London before making a courageous escape to freedom.

This book has been made into a movie titled “I am Slave”. Huts are torched, men killed, women raped and children rounded up to be sold off later as slaves.

I felt really angry when I saw a lot of woman and children were treating like animals. Slave is a story almost beyond belief.

Huts are torched, men killed, women raped and children rounded up to be sold off later a Most of us associate slavery with the skave of the American Civil War. Please enter your name.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. One would like to believe that humanity would choose to eradicate slavery everywhere, but Nazer is living proof that the horrific naazer is thriving in the new millennium.

SLAVE: My True Story

Although she trhe a spoilt child, slave my true story by mende nazer to getting her way, she adapted quickly and never lost her essential sweetness, never completely caved in to despair. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. My childhood with the nuba: Truly inspirational – what Mende survived and accomplished.

Aug 02, sam sam blank rated it it was amazing. Her book is a profound meditation on the human ability to survive virtually any circumstances.

But seven years after she was seized and sold into slavery, she was sent to work for another master—a diplomat working in the United Kingdom.