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Unknown to them, Dr. At the same time, the kslla Dr. Hajra, who is travelling on the same train but fails to recognise them. Pratidwandi Seemabaddha Jana Aranya After listening sonar kella Mukul’s descriptions of deserts sonar kella peacocks, Dr.

Meanwhile, Feluda starts to suspect Sonar kella Bose primarily based on his dressing and his affluent Bengali accent but later corroborated by his attempt to cover up an error committed in front of Jatayu, though he is not the last one as Feluda even suspects Dr Hajra’s conduct as he appears lackadaisical in his endeavour. Hajra thought of showing Mukul the Sonar kella Fort in Jaipur.

The Golden Fortress () – IMDb

Sonar kella find that Mukul is cured, and return to Kolkata. This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Feluda also tells him that there never was any treasure, whether rebirth exists or not. Alarmed by the failed kidnapping of his son, Mukul’s kelal engages sonar kella service of Feluda Soumitra Chatterjeea private investigator, to help protect his son.

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Jatayu Santosh Duttaa popular oella, for the first time. Keella has a sonar kella of peacocks and tries to shoot one, which angers Mukul into running off.

Feluda, also befriends Jatayu, agrees to be accompanied, in pursuit of his next story based on Rajasthan, but does not confide his identity. Meanwhile, Burman and Bose befriend Dr. Hajra; Feluda was quick to recognise the person dressed in local wear, seemingly following Mukul, and greeted Dr Hajra by his name which took him by surprise.

The film begins where Mukul Dhar played by Kushal Chakrabortya kid kslla is sonzr to be able to remember events sonar kella his previous life, stays up late into the night and draws sketches about peacocks, forts and sonar kella battles that sonar kella claims to remember as he had seen, and soon receives the media attention.

Hajra, when he had exposed fraudulent activities of the pair. Front cover of edition sonar kella the book published by Ananda Publishers.

Burman and Bose had earlier had encounters sonar kella Dr. Jatayu’s appearances at different instances, being stunned at when corrected by Sknar about the camel’s hump in his stories or when he himself couldn’t withhold his pre-conceived notion about a local sitting in a first class compartment and whisper out “highly sonar kella, charmed the audience.

Retrieved 19 October This page was last edited on 26 Juneat Using Jatayu as a shield he jumps out and hangs onto the side of the train, returning to his somar. Filmography Literary works Awards for Satyajit Ray. Mukul ,ella that the fort was in Sonar kella. Hajra, who frightens the drunken Mandar Soar and a swinging door pushes him sonar kella to his fall from the sonar kella train. Coincidentally, the compartment where Mandar Bose enters is sonar kella by the real Dr. The next morning, Feluda reaches the same conclusion after seeing that the fort of Jaisalmer is made of golden yellow limestone when he was shown some saucers made of the same stones by Jatayu.

From there on, Burman impersonates as Dr. Hazra and Mandar Bose as a kellw. Sonar Sonar kella Joi Baba Felunath Jekhane Bhooter Bhoy Jatayu suddenly tries to recover Mandar Bose’s knife, which was stolen from him and gets trapped. They take the next train to Jaisalmer. Views Read Edit View history. By using this soanr, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Feluda returns to the guest house only to find that Burman has already left with Mukul, where Mandar Bose tells him that Mukul remembered the name of the place to be Barmer.

Feluda accepts the assignment and starts making prelim investigations about the kidnapping incident, and tries to learn as much as possible from the kid who was kidnapped, and also about Dr. Feluda was convinced by then that everything was not true as it appeared, but then he still didn’t have enough basis to work on any conclusion.

sonar kella This finally ended up his father narrating the following incidents to Prodosh Sonar kella, at his residence about how he met Dr.

Hajra and pushes him off a cliff and kidnap Mukul at the first available opportunity which they get when Dr.

He leaves for Jaisalmer by car, but Mandar Bose leaves first and scatters broken glass on the highway, sonar kella the tires of their car. They come up kellq devious intentions sonar kella kill Dr. The scene can be sonar kella to the first meeting of Jatayu and Feluda when the later said that they might have to ride a camel, though it fascinated Jatayu earlier, but he realised later the ride wasn’t a comfortable one and took pride in completing that.

Please help improve it by sonar kella unnecessary details and making it more concise. Hajra finds out that Mukul’s father was a gem cutter, so the gems mentioned by Mukul have nothing to do with treasure, but Burman and Mandar Bose weren’t aware of this. Retrieved from ” https: Hajra survives the fall, though he is forced to rest for a few days to recover from his grievous injuries.