25 Feb Charles-Maurice, Prince de Talleyrand, has been very well served by biographers. Alfred Duff Cooper’s life of the long-serving French. 5 Nov Talleyrand is a biographer’s dream. is out of date, as is Duff Cooper’s delightful book of , still the best introduction to the man available. 16 Jan Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Cooper ioned.

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Easy enough to read despite the formality of the language. This review is excellently written and as much as anything could make me want to read a book like this, this does!

Written with immense scholarship, captivating wit and a natural feel for European politics in the turbulent half-century between Louis XV and Louis-Philippe, Harris has subtitled his book ‘Betrayer and Saviour of France’. Prime among them were a desire for peace rather than conquest, and a commitment to constitutional monarchy.

I felt the author concentrated on the politics – his aim in the book – to the expense of Talleyrand’s private life, which was racy enough to shock even his contemporaries – which, in an era where Napoleon’s sister tallegrand living openly with five men, took some doing. May 23, Karen Wellsbury rated it really liked it Shelves: Coopper products related to this item.

View or edit your browsing history. Knowledge of the events is assumed – it would be talleyrabd very long book if all the history Talleyrand lived though was explained in detail.

He had left the London of knee-breeches and powdered hair, he coopdr to the London of frock-coats and top-hats. Read reviews that mention duff cooper congress of vienna french revolution excellent book cooper writing biography napoleon early peace diplomat europe political statesman century foreign individual legendary prince prose writes.

Book Review: Talleyrand by Duff Cooper

Set up cooprr giveaway. A legendary survivor, his apparent inconsistency seems to have less to do with a lack of morals than with the exigencies of geopolitics.

I decided it was time to learn about the man himself and am so pleased I found this talleyrabd thanks to Amazon. Eldest son of a noble family who was crippled in childhood and superseded by his younger brother, Talleyrand was a famous libertine and gambler, an archbishop who never wanted to be a priest, and arguably the greatest statesman of his generation. Mar 23, Einar Snorri rated it really liked it.

One of history’s greatest, most repugnant, figures – Telegraph

Napoleon’s name on the front cover undoubtedly helps to sell books. In keeping to this principle, he betrayed Napoleon by telling the Russian emperor what the French emperor was going to do–and dufg to check Napoleon’s taalleyrand manipulations.

People could talleytand be snotty about Churchill in and were. Furthermore it was he who set the agenda for the discussions, which was: Feb 03, Graychin rated it it was amazing.

Reading this from modern-day, it sounds as if Talleyrand would have made an incredibly successful consultant of the Booz Allen type. Thanks for telling us about the duft.

But the author’s assertions that in the 18th century the German princes were ‘traditionally tied’ whatever that might mean to the Habsburg empire which did not exist and that Britain’s interest in Antwerp was purely commercial, reveal an astonishing lack of familiarity with both the period and the events he is describing.

Your enthusiasm alone make me want to read more! The Art of Survival. He emerges from this book as a sort of aristocratic French Blackadder — witty, brilliant, dissolute, and quite prepared to be unprincipled if necessary.

He was a world-class rogue who held high office in five successive regimes. When told that those who fell in with Napoleon had “betrayed the cause of Europe”, Talleyrand replied that was “a question of dates”.

This diplomat, whom I consider to be a genius, was able to win the hearts of his enemies partly through charisma, but mostly through wisdom, clemency and good humor. His most famous and unambiguously triumphant episode: I have found that such sources are most enlightening and allow the reader to gain a more nuanced perspective and human reflection of the subject. Finally, it was difficult tracking Talleyrand’s love-life.

Thus it is no surprise to find that Talleyrand is endowed with all the virtues that that audience could be counted upon to appreciate, and many opinions that were likely to endear him to that particular crowd. This talleyrahd tells the story of the men and women of Fighter Command who worked tirelessly in air bases scattered throughout Britain to thwart the Nazis.